5 Things That You Should Avoid in The New Year 2011

While a lot of people are busy making new year resolutions, hitting the gym to get into shape and fulfilling their other new year resolutions, a lot of times people often fail to consider what they should also avoid in the coming year.

Here are 5 things that you should avoid doing in the new year in order for your life to be a better one:

1. Withholding forgiveness

Do not bear hatred and anger deep in your heart across anybody who has done something wrong to you. If the person who has wronged you really cares about you, chances are they would probably have beaten themselves up enough before coming to ask for your forgiveness. So learn to let go and do not risk the health of your relationship by withholding forgiveness.

2. Using your job as an excuse

I am sure you have often heard the phrase “I am doing this for my family!” This is the phrase that is often used for neglect towards your loved ones especially if you are stressed up at your job. If you have really been a good employee, I am sure that your employer will be able to give you some leeway and time for you to get your relationship with your family and friends back on track. You will definitely be sure that you did it afterwards and so will your employer!

3. Jumping to assumptions and conclusions

Don’t always assume and jump to conclusions when you have only heard one side of the story, because you don’t. Learn to ask more questions, listen, and then ask more questions. Don’t back others into a corner when you give your final answers, and give yourself an out at the same time.

4. Eating and binging for all the wrong reasons

Eat because you need to, don’t eat because you have to. Don’t eat just because you feel tired, bored, thirsty or nervous this year. Eating more due to these reasons in the past is probably the main reason that has led to why you have resolved to hitting the gym more often this year.

5. Loathing yourself

Learn to love yourself for who you are! A lot of people do not realize how much they actually beat up themselves over little things. You need to set an example for others as to how you should be treated and appreciated. If you respect and take good care of yourself, you will be surprised to find that most will actually follow your example.

So besides your new year resolutions, be sure to keep in mind these few things you should avoid in the new year, and I wish you a very happy new year.